• Community is created when individuals/people PLAY together
  • Physical activity is FUN
  • Leadership is a GAME that everyone can play
  • In life: trying = WINNING

What is Playcation?
Playcation is designed purely as a day of fun, activity, and games to celebrate the joy of summertime. The event is led by Team Captains at different walkable stations throughout Lancaster. When you check-in at either NW Corridor Linear Park or Prince Street Park, you and your teammates will receive wristbands and your designated starting location within the park. Play any of the short group challenges or pick a movement challenge to get a PLAY point on your wristband. When the whistle blows, move on to the next Station. Play as long as you want or until 1 p.m., when we move to the rooftop at Tellus360 to one giant game! Stay for the raffle at the end of the afternoon for your chance to win prizes. The raffle is open to anyone who has received 6 PLAY points.

Who is invited?
YOU! ... all ages and ability levels. Invite your kids, friends, family, and co-workers.

What does it cost?
Play is FREE. We want everyone to enjoy the games. If you want to slake your thirst or sate your hunger with our delicious local offerings, bring some cash for the vendors. 

What about my friends? Will we get to play together?
Yes. Let us know you are part of a group and we will start your group at the same station. Or let us choose your station and make some new friends!

What facilities are available?
There are lots of options for food and drink in downtown Lancaster. Central Market, which also has public restrooms, is open until 2 pm. Tellus360 has food, drink, and plenty of entertainment!

What should I wear?
Clothes that allow for easy movement and shoes that will stay on your feet while you are active. We’ve tried playing chase in flip-flops, it’s not pretty.

What if it rains?
We will splash in the puddles! Check our facebook page for updates on the day of the event.

When do I show up?
Check-in begins at 10:30 am. If you have already registered at eventbrite you get to be in the fast lane to pick-up the wristband you need to play. If you haven’t already registered, our registration table is ready for you.

Will you have this event again?
Playcation is a yearly event. If you want to enjoy more play, join our mailing list to get updates!